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Delivering high spirited, high impact content for lasting results:

  • Boosting Morale

  • Building Teamwork

  • Bolstering Productivity

  • Bridging Communication Gaps

  • Breaking Through for Consistent Personal Energy Efficiency

“Terry Braverman delivers the goods! His content is rich and meaningful. I have had the pleasure of booking him for many speaking gigs and received many accolades from the event planners.” Susan Levin, owner of Speaker Services

At Imperial Bank, tellers were suffering from low morale stemming from difficulty in handling rude customers. Besides coaching them in communication skills, Terry Braverman transformed their pain to a gain - whoever had the best "worst customer of the week story" won a gift certificate. Result: Improved morale (tellers sought out customers who were in a bad mood to win the gift certificate) and estimated 14% increase in customer referrals for the bank (from customers impressed by teller attentiveness).

At Apogee Mental Health Services, Mondays were morose for staff. Costly errors were far more prevalent at the beginning of the week. In Terry’s seminar the staff was given a simple, outrageously fun exercise to kick start, energize and focus on Monday mornings. Year end result: 11% cost savings.

At a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the group seemed somber upon arrival. Minutes before being introduced as the keynote speaker, it was learned that a beloved member of the group had passed away. The introducer was in tears: "And now (weeping)...to talk about Humor in the Workplace (sobbing)...Terry Braverman... The muted audience response was compelling to the point that no words came out of Mr. Braverman, other than to acknowledge their loss. After a long pause, he asked if anyone would like to stand up and share a warm, supportive, or funny moment they had with their deceased colleague. One by one they stood. There were nods, smiles, and laughter. The room became noticeably lighter. Result: The sharing was both healing and inspiring for members, motivating them to move forward.

Terry Braverman

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Lighten Up!
Gain Control over Emotions and Responses
Acquire Valuable Skills to Weather Adversity
Discover Ideas to Implement for Fun and Profit
Retain Staff with Meaningful Rewards and Recognition

If your staff comes to meetings, training sessions or conferences at 9 o’clock on the dot and end up at 10 o’clock on the cot, consider Terry Braverman. Expect some of his celebrity characters to help drive his content home, with a stirring musical closing!

“Thanks to you, our early morning meeting began with great energy and is still buzzing. Your message and humor fit nicely with our corporate culture, and your ideas for improving performance were a big hit.” Patrick Khoury, Senior Director of Sales, Air Canada

Mastering Communication Skills for the 21st Century
Apply 3 Simple Phrases to Mute Conflict
Expand Productivity by Reducing Miscommunication
Handle the 4 Major Personality Types with Panache
Determine Motivational Strategies for Difficult Co-Workers

According to a recent study, 80% of costly errors in the workplace are due to miscommunication. In this training of adaptable state of the art communication skills, Terry Braverman will dramatically improve communication competency!

“Your depiction and explanation of developing rapport with people having different communication styles is highly useful…the major personality types in your slide show was both entertaining and enlightening.” Mark Meyers, CEO, California Hospital Medical Center

NEW! How to Become Energy Efficient…in Your Mind, Body & Spirit (View powerpoint)
How to Maximize Oxygen Intake
Source the Best Food Supplements
Most Optimal Places to Recharge Yourself
Creating Rapport to Energize Collaborations

Terry provides a complete holistic solution to the energy shortage that so many people face in their lives. Participants will be energized to take immediate action!

"...a marvelous blend of content-related entertainment with content-rich information that has transformed our perception of being healthy…we appreciated how your presentation connected so well with our profession and with the program audience." Glenn Smith, President, APPA

NEW! Six Vital Success Factors for Today’s Organizations (co-presentation)
Top Three Energy Enhancers on the Job
Clarifying Roles of Senior Management
Most Effective Strategies to Defuse Conflict
Become a Major Influence to Project Success
Mastering Key Skills of Successful Project Managers
Implementing the Most Crucial & Controllable Success Factors

“…terrific presentation you gave at our monthly meeting…everyone raved about you, saying you were ‘very entertaining,’ ‘uplifting,’ and ‘gave excellent practical and fun ideas for maintaining perspective and improving productivity.' From your hilarious impersonation of Jack Nicholson as CEO of our main competitor, to your rousing musical finale and the content in between, we were truly thrilled by your performance…there was not even one negative comment from anyone.” Bill Thomas, Xerox Management Association


Partial Client List
Chronology of Testimonial Letters

Association of Physical Plant Administrators, Glenn Smith, President, APPA

Air Canada, Patrick Khoury, Senior Director of Sales USA

Xerox Management Assn., Barbara Bannister, President, Xerox Federal Credit Union

Society of Gynecological Oncologists, Jenna Cummins, Director of Education & Meetings

Emergency Medical Services Expo, Marie Nordberg, Meeting Planner

California Hospital Medical Center, Mark Meyers, CEO

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Linda Burns-Bolton, Director of Nursing Education

Wisconsin Education Assn., Ron Jetty, Ph.D., Meeting Planner

St. Jude Children’s Hospital
UCLA Medical Center
Ohio Education Assn.
Northrop-Grumman Corp.
Baxter Healthcare Corp.
Bates Advertising, Inc.
Imperial Bank

“If I were a meeting planner, I would hire Terry Braverman for any kind of meeting.” – Bill Gove, CSP, Former President of National Speakers Association


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