Use Levity to Vanquish Adversity
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Use Levity to Vanquish Adversity

After a hard-boiled day at work, you jostle with the scurrying crowd to climb into your car for the crawl home. Your ears are needled by the incessant honking of horns. The fantasy of a warm, home-cooked meal is subdued by the aroma of traffic fumes. How do you spell relief? Finally, a humorous self-improvement book that answers the question, “What can I do to maintain or regain my perspective? Let Terry entertain and enlighten you in times of change, challenge, and adversity. Practical tips, stories, and illustrations, from the light-hearted to the poignant, with proportional elements of humor, outright hilarity, and inspiration, are aligned to the message of applying levity for better living. Be sure to highlight important points when you read this book!

When the Going Gets Tough

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