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All That Jazz…A Metaphor of Life?


One of the most eclectic and influential saxophonists/composers of our lifetime, Wayne Shorter wields a profound and lasting influence that has touched a whole new generation of musicians. His career spans several decades, starting with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers in the 1950s, Miles Davis in the 60s, and the seminal fusion group Weather Report during the ’70s, progressing to his own very creative groups to date. At the age of 77, his talent is still sought after for concerts, studio work, and film compositions.

Far more than exclusively a jazz musician, Wayne Shorter is a deep thinker who sometimes speaks in cryptic, elliptical analogies and similes, with a decided penchant toward science fiction. Above all, he’s a keen and compassionate observer of the human condition, with insights that can be appreciated and applied by anyone receptive to the message…

Imagination Sharpens the Dull Blade of Routine

Imagination Sharpens the Dull Blade of RoutineKeeping employees energized, enthusiastic, and engaged in their work is a constant challenge in these uncertain times. I have ventured into countless numbers of companies to facilitate seminars, where cultures of “terminal seriousness” are pervasive, and staff looks as if they’re on death row. A recent study showed that almost 80% of all work-related injuries, and illnesses, are stress-related. Companies are starting to acknowledge the need to “lighten up,” and inject some fun into the fundamentals of business. Here are just a few suggestions that can improve morale, teamwork and productivity…

Start a Monday morning off with “humor impact aerobics.” Within a time frame of two-three minutes, this will re-energize your staff after a long weekend and re-connect everyone in the spirit of teamwork. Everyone stands next to each other in a line or circle. Direct them to raise their right arm and shake out their hand, then left arm/left hand. Now have them shake out their right leg, then left leg. Next, right arm/right leg, left arm/left leg, right arm/left leg, left arm/right leg. It will look like an epileptic support group, and the room will fill with laughter as some struggle to maintain their balance. Now, using their right hand, they take the left hand of the person on their right, and shake their hand (the person on their left will be shaking their left hand). Finally, have them face the front of the room and take a deep breath with a slow exhale. Now they are primed and pumped for the day’s tasks!

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