Reflections on Independence Day
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Reflections on Independence Day

As we get ready to celebrate the 4th of July, my thoughts shift to the concept of independence. Webster initiates a definition of independence as “not subject to control by others”. Unless you are living self-sufficiently on an island by yourself with no governance, who is not subject to control by others? Virtually all humankind is subject to laws, regulations, the actions of others, and social constraints, some justified, some not. 


The Founding Fathers of this country didn't like being controlled, they believed in liberty and freedom. The foundation we call the Declaration of Independence and Constitution was established to protect rights, and freedom from government overreach. While they are praiseworthy documents, a document cannot guarantee true independence any more than a drive on the freeway can guarantee safety. Independence is really a myth, and the reality is that we are interdependent. We depend on others to generate electricity, supply us with goods, support us with our projects, and for human comfort, among other things.


Perhaps this time is better spent over the weekend acknowledging our interdependence, and reflecting on the strength of our business and personal connections. It may be cause for celebration, or inspiration for change.















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