Power & Sainthood
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Power & Sainthood

"If power corrupts, does feeling powerless make you a saint?" - Terry Braverman


Helplessness and depression never did much for my spirits. Although at times it has served as a learning prop, suffering doesn’t need to be a prerequisite for sainthood. Feeling powerful makes me feel alive and saint-like, because real power is incorruptible. For me, real power is not about my economic position, relationship status, control over others, how many are reading this publication, or any kind of circumstances. It’s about being focused, using my talents, and loving the moment wherever I am, whomever I’m with. It’s about swimming in the adventurous, unpredictable ocean of life, sometimes without a life preserver, even when the shoreline looks to be far away, yet knowing that I’m fulfilling a mission.


When I feel like I’m struggling spiritually to stay afloat, I remind myself of the love of my vision, and appreciation of the simple pleasures of life, such as laughter, nature, dogs, and children. Power cannot come from a place of impotence. We owe it to ourselves and our world to bring our real power to fruition.











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