Planning To Be Spontaneous
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Planning To Be Spontaneous

If you’ve seen a Robin Williams stand-up performance it all appears to be improvised, in-the-moment delivery of comedic material. In reality, his bits are mostly well-rehearsed ahead of time and plugged into thematic flows when it fits. This is what I call “planning to be spontaneous”.


As summertime approaches, some people will allow the time to pass them by, thinking that when the moment is right they will spontaneously hop in the car and drive somewhere they’ve never been, or go out dancing for the first time since they wore bellbottom jeans. Sadly, it often results in a rueful September over the missed opportunities of summer. Lack of planning is the reason.


There is a reason the calendar was invented – to document appointments, schedule meetings, and take time out from the routines of life to arrange some fun. Putting anything on your calendar is the first step to making it real. Still, you must commit to it and not buy into excuses as to why you can’t plan on being spontaneous. Have at least one fun and adventurous activity a week throughout the summer.


Don’t let the recreational side of life pass you by because you run a business, have a family, or can’t bring yourself to change your habits. Plan your time so you can be spontaneous.








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