Reduce Tension, Gain Attention
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Reduce Tension, Gain Attention

A little clowning around relaxes me when I’m under stress in business situations. I remember the first meeting I had with a corporate officer to propose a seminar. He was a regional vice-president for one of the nation’s largest banks. When approaching the towering building that was their headquarters, I started to get nervous. I always carry a clown nose in the car, and pondered wearing it into the building.


“Too inappropriate,” barked my logical mind. “Ah, but you’re too serious,” implored the clown within. Besides, the red-colored nose coordinated well with the gray suit and subtle red stripes. The clown won.


I sauntered into the skyscraper with an air of dignity. The security guard said, “Good morning,” initially looking stunned, then grinning ear to ear. I’m getting loose.


At the elevator, I am waiting with three Japanese businessmen, who are gawking at me like I’m an alien species from another galaxy. As we board the elevator, I decided to have fun with them. “I bet you’re wondering why I have this nose on. You see, I have double vision, and I have a tendency to walk into walls and doors. I demonstrated by bumping into the elevator door with my nose as we were ascending. This helps to cushion the blow.” They looked at me and smiled politely, nodding their heads.


When I got off the elevator, I chuckled at the thought of their bewilderment, and imagined them conversing about the incident on their flight back to Tokyo. By the time I entered the meeting I was relaxed, and effectively sold the VP on my program.



Few people ever guess the answer to this one. According to a study done of 35 professions and the longevity of those who work in those occupations, musical conductors and jugglers live the longest. The two share in common similarity of circular arm motions.


Practitioners of Chinese medicine and healing will tell you this kind of motion creates “chi” (energy) in the body to promote circulation, flexibility, strength, balance, and overall good health. Chi Gong and T’ai Chi are exercises originating from China that emphasize circular arm movements.


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